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The Veteran Car Club of Great Britain

General Items

In General

The Brighton Run has been reported to be the longest running car event in the world and ranks as one of Britain's biggest motoring spectacles. It attracts entrants from around the world, all eager to take part.

The event is not a race. The cars are limited to an average speed of 20 mph and the only reward for a successful run is a Bronze Medal (awarded to all who reach Brighton before 16.30). The Veteran Car Run has since 1956 always taken place on the first Sunday in November.

Various routes and start times have been used in the past. (See the "History" page for past starts and routes.).

Eligible cars

Only cars built before 1 January 1905 are eligible to take part, with the option for the organisers to invite a small number of vehicles out of period.

From the list of cars there are some without a year stated, these come in two categories - "Entries with Grandfather Rights" and "Invited Entries".

  • Entries with Grandfather Rights
  • - The car has taken part on the Run on many occasions as a pre 31st December 1904 car but with new information on the car coming in resent years it has been found that the car was in fact later.

  • Invited Entries
  • - These entries have only taken part in one or two Runs before but have, like the above, been redated or the car is of outstanding interest.

    The Run attracts entrants from all over the world, with the biggest overseas entry coming from the United States, followed by France.

    The oldest car to partake in recent years (2000) was the steam "car" belonging to the Bristol Industrial Museum, the "1875 Grenville Steam Carriage", it completed the run in pouring rain, in approx. 9 hours. Now on loan to The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.



    Veteran car owners are rightly furious if these fine old vehicles are referred to as 'old crocks'.



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