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The Veteran Car Club of Great Britain

Time Table and Route

Time Table

First group of cars leaves Hyde Park at sunrise (see "Next Run" page for start time) and with the last group leaving about 11/2 hours later. Each group consist of about 10 to 16 cars with an interval of about 2 minutes between the groups. Older the car the earlier it leaves or if the same age then it is by HP, the smaller first. (The times may change on the day)

At the official coffee stop at Crawley, the first car arrives about 1hour 40minuts after starting at Hyde Park. For some, there are many coffee stops on route.

The cars start to arrive on the sea front, at Brighton, from about 10:00 (2008) and then throughout the day till the check-in closing time of 16:30, it has been known to be nearer 5pm when the last car arrives (in darkness).

Except for the start time, all times are approximate.

Please note: - Some maps may show the start time as 07:30, please check the "Next Run" page for the starting time.


Changes to the start will be in 2020 due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the start will be a rolling start in The Mall.
There is only one route in 2020, due to the smaller entry, and will cross the Thames at Westminster Bridge and then follow the A23 to Croydon, A236/A235 and rejoined the A23 at Purley. The route after Purley is as previous years. Although the cars will be going through Crawley there will be no official coffee stop.

In 2019 due to road works the route continued to Lambeth Bridge by-passing Westminster Bridge. After Lambeth Bridge the route again split and was run on two routes to Croydon. After crossing the Thames the Red Route continued on to the A23 and the Blue Route turned right and run beside the river for a short way and at one point joining the A3. Both routes joined up just before Croydon.

Please note: - The drive down Constitution Hill, in front of the Palace and The Mall is for Veteran Cars only. Constitution Hill and The Mall are closed to normal traffic every Sunday.
The veteran cars are allowed to use London's bus lanes on the day all the way to Coulsdon. Drivers of "Modern" vehicles are advised to check times of each section before driving in bus lanes as the times do vary.

The two routes join together and then both joined the A236/A235 and rejoined the A23 at Purley. From Purley the route was via the A23 or the old A23 to Crawley for the official coffee stop.

After the coffee stop the route leaves the A23 for the B2114 to pass through Handcross Hill, Hammer Hill, then B2115 for Whitemans Green, B2036 for Cuckfield, A273 for Burgess Hill and Clayton Hill, then rejoins the A23 at Pyecome for the run into Brighton.

Up to 2014 the official finish was at Preston Park where the cars are required to stop and then on to the sea front and the "Finish Line", on Madeira Drive. In 2015 and on, it's straight on to the sea front. In 2012 the finish was moved nearer to the roundabout by the pier.
On the day the Veteran cars are allowed to use Brighton's bus lanes. Like London (on the day) their use is only for public transport and veteran cars. "Modern" vehicles use the one-way systems.

The run is approximately 60 miles

For a copy of the "2020 PARTICIPANT ROUTE GUIDE" click below

Route Guide

The Guide/Map is in PDF format and to be read and printed using ADOBE ACROBAT or alike.
For your free copy of ADOBE ACROBAT Reader use the link at the base of this page.

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